Madd Chadd

Hip-hop isn’t my genre of dancing at all, but this is an amazing tip from an amazing dancer.

Spoiler: “Be patient.”
When one’s a novice dancer, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of wanting to advance quickly, to jam lots of learning into as small a time a period as possible.  But imagine the process of learning how to do this kind of body isolation movement:
Does he have an amazing skill?  Of course!  Did it pop into being suddenly?  Almost certainly not.  In fact, watch this:
Still good.  Still obviously skilled.  Same fluid, body-isolation aesthetic, but clearly not as good.  And that was six years ago.
So now think about how he’s saying to be patient.  To not rush.  He’s clearly lived that.  And in fact, it seems to infuse his entire aesthetic sense.
And if you’re wondering where you’ve seen him before:
So what is your impatient voice saying you should be doing or achieving?
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2 thoughts on “Madd Chadd”

  1. Hey John, this is Andrew (Penn State Student that occasionally pops into Atomic/Strutters/et cetera when in town). I found your blog through Mary's blog and have been enjoying it.

    Just wanted to say trying to ignore my impatient voice is one of the hardest things for me. I have had nights I have beat myself up mentally into a bad mood just because something was "off" and I couldn't "fix it". However I have slowly been getting better over time of just taking step back, relaxing and just having fun.

  2. Hey Andrew! It's interesting that your impatient voice drives you to practice but also drives you to a mental space that your practice isn't as effective.

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